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Ceny narazili na lokálny strop, ponuka postupne rastie, dopyt je na úrovni roka 2011
Prices have hit a local ceiling; supply is gradually growing; demand is at 2011 levels
A large year-on-year drop in demand, though compared to the second quarter of this year the number of apartments sold decreased in line with the standard curve – this is a brief description of the third quarter on the market in new residential projects in Bratislava. What has barely changed, though, between these quarters is the price. On average, this remains at 3 868 €/m2 excl. VAT, i.e. an ...
Dopyt v Bratislave mierne klesol, ceny však stále rástli
Demand in Bratislava fell slightly, but prices still rose
Average prices in new builds in Bratislava increased by 18.5 % year-on-year, despite the decrease in the number of apartments sold, according to data from HERRYS estate agency. More than 680 apartments in new builds came on the market. Demand slowed slightly, with nearly 570 apartments sold. The average price of apartments in projects climbed to 3 802 €/m2.Apartment prices increased by 18.5 % ...
success rate is 94%
The average sales time is only 1 month
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Byty v Bratislave sa predávajú rýchlejšie, než pribúdajú do ponuky
Bratislava apartments selling faster than coming on offer
The long-term declining supply is failing to satisfy demand for residential real estate, despite constantly rising prices. HERRYS real estate agency data shows that apartments sold exceeded by a third the number of apartments coming on offer and compared to the same period a year earlier supply halved. Despite the rising prices motivating buyers to buy properties “here and now”, the market sho...
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News in our offer

HERRYS - for sale 2 bedroom apartment with terrace with a view in Old Town
1-bedroom apartme... | 64,32 m2
299 000 €
HERRYS - for sale commercial space in the centre of Bratislava
Business premises | 89 m2
249 000 €
HERRYS - For rent exclusive 3 room apartment in the center of the Old Town with garage
2-bedroom apartme... | 118 m2
1 450 € /month
HERRYS - For rent 3 room in the center of the Old Town with parking
2-bedroom apartme... | 59 m2
1 000 € /month
HERRYS - For sale a very spacious 3 rooms apartment with balcony, parking space and a cellar
2-bedroom apartme... | 108,80 m2
1 000 € /month
HERRYS, Sale of an originally 4-room apartment with a loggia, with a nice view of Austria
3-bedroom apartme... | 86 m2
349 900 €
HERRYS - For sale 2-room renovated apartment in a brick apartment building in location NIVY
1-bedroom apartme... | 55,50 m2
219 900 €
HERRYS - For rent garage space No.74 in the underground garage in Petržalka-Slnečnice 
Garages and parki... | 12 m2
60 € /month
HERRYS - For rent stylish 2-room (1 bedroom) apartment with a touch of vintage design
1-bedroom apartme... | 57,86 m2
700 € /month
HERRYS - For rent beautiful fully furnished 2-room apartment in Devínska Nova Ves
1-bedroom apartme... | 37 m2
550 € /month
HERRYS - stylish 3-room apartment for sale on the Pannónska cesta
2-bedroom apartme... | 81,77 m2
289 000 €
HERRYS - For rent exclusive spacious 4 room duplex apartment in the center of Malacky.
3-bedroom apartme... | 250 m2
2 150 € /month
2-bedroom apartme... | 72 m2
223 900 €
HERRYS - for rent new 4kk apartment (141 m2) with the possibility to arrange the apartment
3-bedroom apartme... | 146 m2
1 300 € /month
HERRYS - For rent designer 3 bedroom apartment with parking space in Sky Park project
2-bedroom apartme... | 83 m2
1 600 € /month
HERRYS - 500 m2 office space for rent
Offices | 500 m2
8,50 € /month