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Benefits of HERRYS Rent management
actively using by  more than 400 properties.

Do you feel that renting of your apartment brings you more worries than joy? Did you expect a different return, when you bought the property for renting?

Make your business more effective and profesional with popular Rent management service!

The HERRYS Rent management service was created in response to the wishes of our clients. It is tailor-made for rental property owners who value their time and money.

We have significantly shortened and simplified the entire renting process of real estate. We provide business and assistance during the entire duration of the lease.

Having a regular and long-term rental income requires a high level of commitment from the landlord. Tracking rental payments, communication with tenants and solving possible problems, this is the part-time work. If you do not want to spend all your free time by caring for the rented property, rely on Rent management.

Continuous occupancy

The key advantage of the Rent management service is the continuous occupancy of the apartment. We will provide occupacy of the rented property on a long-term and repeated basis. Few months before the end of lease period, we are actively looking for a new applicant to move in, immediately after the departure of the orgiginal tenant.

Money always on time

Another advantage for you is the improvement of payment discipline. Your only concern will be to check your rent payments regularly and everything else is already taken care of. While in the case of classic lease contract, the relationship between the landlord and the real estate agency ends with the conclusion of a lease agreement. With the Rent management service we remain in regular contact with the client and the tenant. in case of problems related to renting, zou can contact us at any time.

You are not alone for it

The rent management service also includes contant legal support and insurance advice during the entire period of cooperation. our in-house lawyers always prepares all contracts, amendments and another documents tailored to specific business cas. Clients can be sure, that their legal documentation related to the lease is always properly and timely updated.

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