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Na trhu s novými bytmi je dopyt najnižší za posledných 15 rokov, cenami to nezamávalo
Demand in the new apartment market is the lowest in 15 years, though prices have not wavered
Buying behaviour in the real estate market changed in the first quarter of 2023. Buyers are no longer interested in buying for immediate appreciation of the new building but are looking for a product that best suits their needs at a reasonable price. First quarter of 2023 saw not a single sale in up to one third of residential projects, with demand at its lowest figures for the last 15 years. Apar...
Metropolis bude bez radiátorov a klimatizácie
Metropolis will be without radiators and air conditioning
Inteligentná domácnosť môže mať rôzne podoby a nemusí ísť len o svietenie či ovládanie domácich spotrebičov. Inteligentne si dnes viete kúriť, chladiť aj vetrať – dokonca bez radiátorov, klimatizácie a otvorených okien. Nenápadné technológie, ktoré inštalujú v Metropolise, navyše sami šetria prevádzkové energetické náklady.As a standard, Metropolis will be equipp...
success rate is 94%
The average sales time is only 1 month
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6 krokov ako postupovať pri dani z príjmu z prenájmu nehnuteľnosti
6 steps how to proceed with real estate income tax
Did you rent a property on the basis of a concluded lease agreement in 2019? How to tax the rental income of this property? When to file a tax return in view of the current situation regarding a coronavirus pandemic? The real estate company HERRYS has prepared for you a summary of all essential information and news regarding the rental income tax.We will advise you in six clear steps:1. WHO2. WHEN...
Inovácie v Metropolise prinášajú harmóniu medzi komfortom a energeticky šetrnou prevádzkou budovy
Innovations in Metropolis will bring balance in comfort and energy-efficient building operation
Metropolis, together with neighbouring projects, complements the character of the new downtown, which has the ambition to become the most advanced city quarter of Bratislava. Everything being created here today sets the high level of quality by which the zone will develop in the future. The construction and technological solutions in the project are at the highest standards in terms of both living...

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Chcel sa živiť hudbou, no odhovoril ho známy muzikant. Dnes je z neho úspešný architekt
A famous musician talked him out of pursuing a career in music. Instead, he became a successful architect
Juraj Sonlajtner is an architect working in the Prague studio City Work Architects. Slovakia is home to the first project from his drawing board. It is the Metropolis building in the new Bratislava downtown.“I see it as a sort of homecoming of mine,” says Sonlajtner, adding at the same time that there are other plans awaiting him in Slovakia. In his opinion, Slovakia, in comparison with our Cz...
Udržateľnosť je schopnosť robiť biznis tak, aby dlhodobo prinášal prospech všetkým zúčastneným
Sustainability is the ability to do business so that it brings long-term benefits to all stakeholders
Mint Investments Group has successful track record stretching back over 20 years in asset management, property management and development. It has implemented a number of successful development projects in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In the heart of the modern downtown, it is building the attractive Metropolis project, which has been attracting public attention from the very beginning. In an i...
Najlepší pripravovaný projekt bývania na Slovensku. Počuli ste už o Metropolise?
The best upcoming housing project in Slovakia. Have you heard of Metropolis?
The real estate market is gearing up once more after a complicated 2022. December and January are already being evaluated positively by some real estate agencies.  People wishing to address their housing situation are turning their plans into reality. The major interest is in top real estate in terms of location, quality of standard or layout. The most likely key is the fact that there have b...
V tomto roku budú pri kúpe bytov bodovať lokalita a kvalita. Predaje v Metropolise to potvrdzujú
Apartment buying this year will be dominated by location and quality, as confirmed by the sales in Metropolis
Due to the war in Ukraine, uncertain market development, inflation and rising interest rates, the 2023 outlooks did not seem positive back in the last year’s winter. But January this year brought around a number of hopeful signals, especially from the ECB leaders, indicating that the 2023 economy in European countries may experience only a mild recession or even avoid one all together. The macro...
Metropolis má silný tím: Mint Investments, Takenaku a Grinity. Dôležitý je spoločný cieľ
Metropolis has a strong team: Mint Investments, Takenaka, and Grinity. A common goal is important
We talked with Martin Tkáč from Grinity, which provides technical supervision services for the investor at the Metropolis construction site, about what new features the project brings to Bratislava’s downtown zone, and about the largest challenges he has encountered in this project. He will also reveal how he perceives current market trends, and what future developments in construction industr...
Trh s nehnuteľnosťami praje prenájmom. Investičné byty sa oplatí držať
The real estate market wants to rent. Investment apartments are worth holding
• The supply of apartments in new projects has doubled year-on-year. Prices have stabilised, with new apartments now 12% more expensive than in 2021.• Supply on the secondary market also doubled, but growth stalled in Q4. Prices have stabilised, even falling by 5% in the second half of the year but are still more expensive than in 2021.• Supply in the rental market has halved and prices have...
Investičný riaditeľ Mint Investments pre HN: Najluxusnejšie byty v Metropolise sú porovnateľné s cenami v Eurovea 2
Investment director of Mint Investments for HN: The most luxurious Metropolis apartments are comparable to prices in Eurovea 2
“I think that the premium market is not at any risk because of current situation. One of the reasons for this is that there are few such apartments, and their package is limited,” says Jaroslav Mida, investment director at Mint Investments. How is the Metropolis project progressing?The project is progressing according to plan. Today we are between the eighth and ninth floors above ground,...
Predali ste alebo ste kúpili minulý rok nehnuteľnosť? Nezabudnite do 31. januára 2023 podať daňové priznanie k dani z nehnuteľností
Did you sell or buy a real-estate last year? Don’t forget to file your real-estate tax return by 31 January 2023
The HERRYS legal department has prepared a summary of the most important information you need for filing a real-estate tax return. What is real-estate tax?Real-estate tax is governed by Sections 4 to 18 of Act no. 582/2004 on local taxes and on the local fee for municipal waste and minor construction waste, and concerns taxes on apartments, commercial premises, buildings, and lands.By the ter...
Výhrou projektu Metropolis sú ľudia, ktorí ho tvoria profesionálne a s nadšením
The winning element behind the Metropolis project are the people creating it professionally and with passion
“With Metropolis it was love at first sight,” admits Michal Kaderka, project manager at Takenaka, which is realising construction of Metropolis in Bratislava’s downtown. In the interview, he mentions his recent experience in Dresden, where he built a challenging residential building right in the centre under the conditions of full traffic, and in the vicinity of a pedestrian zone. He views M...
„Bratislavský Manhattan“ bude štvrťou, akú sme si tu donedávna nevedeli ani predstaviť
“Bratislava’s Manhattan” will become a city quarter undreamt of
says Jaroslav Mida, investment director of the Czech development company Mint Investments building the Metropolis project, about the Bratislava’s new downtown in the following interview. Jaroslav is a native Košice and came to Prague for his studies, opening for him the doors to the world of real estate. In the interview, he mentions what experience he gained from working in one of the top Czec...
Pri kúpe bytu ľudia zvažujú aj to, či si majú kam dať vianočný stromček
When buying an apartment, people also consider whether they have a place to put up their Christmas tree
Top-quality materials and environmentally-friendly solutions are among the current trends appealing to buyers when looking for a new home. For more than 83% of respondents, the construction as such and layout are more important than the interior or standard alone, both of which can be changed if needed. This all comes from a survey carried out by Herrys real estate agency.Construction elements and...
Sebastien Dejanovski z Mint Investments: Bratislavské centrum je unikátne v celej strednej Európe
Sebastien Dejanovski from Mint Investments: Bratislava’s city centre is unique in Central Europe
The Mint Investments Group was founded twenty years ago as an investment real estate fund, today it is a successful developer in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is currently building one of the most prestigious residential projects in the trendy and modern centre of Bratislava, bearing the appropriately dominant name Metropolis. The story behind it is told by Sebastien Dejanovski one of the fi...
Developer prestížneho projektu Metropolis sa stal Lídrom roka 2022
Developer of the prestigious Metropolis project becomes Leader of the Year 2022
Successful year of the Czech Mint Investments Group was concluded with a 4-time triumph during the awards ceremony of Czech Republic CIJ Awards 2022. At the gala dinner held on 1 December at the Marriott Hotel in Prague, the company took home awards in 4 categories – Leader of the Year, Best Asset Manager, Best Transaction of the Year, and Best Upcoming Residential Development. Sebastien Dejanov...
Pre Takenaku je Metropolis inšpiráciou, zaujal až v Tokiu
Metropolis is an inspiration for Takenaka that caught its eye in distant Tokyo
Metropolis has had a rare visit. The project has been inspected by the 80-year-old descendant of the founders of Takenaka, who are the general contractor for the upper construction of this residential project in Bratislava downtown.After the plants for Kia in Žilina and Jaguar in Nitra, Takenaka, a Japanese company with a 400-year tradition, is now involved in the development of the Metropolis re...
Na oceneniach CIJ Awards 2022 zabodoval projekt Metropolis, aj RK HERRYS
Great results at the CIJ Awards 2022 for both the Metropolis project and HERRYS real estate agency
This year’s prestigious CIJ Awards have been given out, with Herrys real estate agency winning for the ninth time now in the Best Local Real Estate Agency category. The award for the best residential upcomming development of the year went to Metropolis by Mint Investments, which is currently under construction.In the 18th year of the CIJ Awards HERRYS real estate agency was confirmed as the mark...
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HERRYS - 3-room apartment for sale in the project Gaštanová/Residence Horský park
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HERRYS - A sunny, flat plot of land for sale in the residential zone of the village of Hviezdoslavov
Land for a family...
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HERRYS - A sunny, flat plot of land for sale in the residential zone of the village of Hviezdoslavov
Land for a family...
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HERRYS - A sunny, flat plot of land for sale in the residential zone of the village of Hviezdoslavov
Land for a family...
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HERRYS - A sunny, flat plot of land for sale in the residential zone of the village of Hviezdoslavov
Land for a family...
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2-bedroom apartme... | 69,78 m2
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Family house | 133 m2
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