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Na Špitálskej ulici v Bratislave pribudnú po rekonštrukcii budovy nové byty
New apartments coming to Špitálská street in Bratislava following building’s reconstruction
Following reconstruction of the original residential building dating from 1937, 8 apartment units have been added to the prime location on Špitálská Street, with the estate agency HERRYS overseeing their sale. The apartments for sale are one- and two-room ranging from 24 m2 to 51 m2, with prices starting at €169 931 incl. VAT. The reconstruction has bought the building up to the sta...
Dopyt v Bratislave mierne klesol, ceny však stále rástli
Demand in Bratislava fell slightly, but prices still rose
Average prices in new builds in Bratislava increased by 18.5 % year-on-year, despite the decrease in the number of apartments sold, according to data from HERRYS estate agency. More than 680 apartments in new builds came on the market. Demand slowed slightly, with nearly 570 apartments sold. The average price of apartments in projects climbed to 3 802 €/m2.Apartment prices increased by 18.5 % ...
success rate is 94%
The average sales time is only 1 month
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Cenami prenájmov hýbe vysoký dopyt, ponuka klesla o viac ako 40 %
Rental prices are driven by high demand, supply fell by more than 40%
The already dynamic rental market has become ever more active due to the arrival of refugees from Ukraine. Demand is rising, along with average prices, and supply continues to decline, with a more than 40% drop in the last three months alone according to HERRYS’ data. At the same time, the capital witnesses the return of foreign clients who have been absent from the market for a long time due to...
Prestížna lokalita si zaslúži prestížny projekt, ktorý ju pozdvihne. Nielen vzhľadom, ale aj vybavením
A prestigious location deserves a prestigious project that will elevate it further. Not just in terms of appearance, but also equipment
Juraj Sonlajtner from the City Work Architects studio is behind the design for the Metropolis housing project under construction in the Bratislava centre by the Prague company Mint Investments. Close developer-architect cooperation is the basis for creating an exceptional project, bringing the highest standard of living to the Bratislava’s new downtown. Juraj Sonlajtner and the develop...

New builds

Výstavba ikonického Metropolisu napreduje, na výstavbe už pracuje Takenaka
Another level up for the iconic Metropolis project as Takenaka starts construction
After the successful handover of the foundation slab, the construction of Metropolis has entered its next phase. Takenaka will erect the iconic M-shaped building on the foundations laid by Metrostav. Work is now proceeding on the building’s structure and shell, whose finished form will join Bratislava’s downtown skyline in the first quarter of 2024. According to RK HERRYS, 58% of the apartment...
Trh nehnuteľností sa za 20 rokov výrazne profesionalizoval. Skúsenosti a vkus súčasných developerov umožnili  pokrok v architektúre
The real estate market has professionalised significantly over the past 20 years. Developers’ experience and taste are driving progress in architecture today
Sebastien Dejanovski from Mint Investments compares housing built 20 years ago and today and what factors are currently affecting real estate market trends. Housing built 20 years ago and now – how do they differ and where do you see the biggest shift?The conception of construction was quite different 20 years ago. Projects were designed differently from how they are today. Affordability wa...
Prestížnu cenu Hall of Fame 2022 Awards pre CEE za najlepšiu lokálnu realitnú kanceláriu si odniesla RK HERRYS
Prestigious Hall of Fame 2022 Awards for CEE for Best Local Real Estate Agency won by HERRYS
The prestigious Hall of Fame award, which is the culmination of the CIJ Awards, will for the first time be coming in category Best Local Real Estate Agency  to Slovakia to the real estate agency HERRYS. Bratislava’s largest real estate agency was awarded Best of the Best in the Central and Eastern Europe region thanks to its professional approach and rich experience. HERRYS scored its ...
Byty v Bratislave sa predávajú rýchlejšie, než pribúdajú do ponuky
Bratislava apartments selling faster than coming on offer
The long-term declining supply is failing to satisfy demand for residential real estate, despite constantly rising prices. HERRYS real estate agency data shows that apartments sold exceeded by a third the number of apartments coming on offer and compared to the same period a year earlier supply halved. Despite the rising prices motivating buyers to buy properties “here and now”, the market sho...
Rezort Elements postavia v Tatrách na ekologických princípoch. Cieľom je zdravý vzťah človeka a prírody
Elements Resort to be built in the Tatras on ecological principles. The goal is a healthy relationship between people and nature
The philosophy behind the “green” mountain resort Elements in Tatranská Lomnica is to enable people to have direct contact with nature while respecting it to the maximum possible degree by using innovative materials. The project is being built on a site that has already being built on in the past. The new Elements concept will revitalise this unique part of the Tatras and return life to it al...
Každý kúsok zelene v meste má veľký význam
Every bit of greenery in the city is of great importance
Front gardens in urban apartment projects play several important roles. In addition to creating space for active recreation, outdoor play, and socialising, they have a positive impact on the environment. In the new Bratislava downtown, housing with front gardens is offered only by the residential project Metropolis. The front gardens will pleasantly separate the residential units from the public s...
Unikátne okná v rezorte Elements chránia vtáctvo a zároveň umožnia nádherné výhľady
Unique windows in the Elements resort protect the birds and at the same time allow wonderful views
A breath-taking view of the majestic mountain peaks from the residence or the hotel restaurant, through large windows is one of the greatest visual treats that mountain resorts provide their visitors. Glass is a trending element in architecture, but is often dangerous for birds. The Elements project, which is being developed in Tatranská Lomnica, solved this problem with the unique Ornilux glass,...
Byty lacnejšie nebudú. Prinášame vám rozhovor s F. Žoldákom pre REFRESHER
Apartments will not be cheaper. We are bringing you an interview with F. Žoldák made for REFRESHER
“I remember the times when one-bedroom apartments cost 50 to 70 thousand euros. Today a parking space costs as much,” says the real estate analyst. Apartment prices in Bratislava are constantly rising. It could easily be said that apartments in Bratislava will never be cheaper, which is both bad and good. A real estate bubble to be burst is not yet a reality. Herrys partner, Filip Žoldák, in...
Nový „green“ projekt Elements spúšťa predaj prémiových rezidenčných jednotiek v Tatranskej Lomnici
The new “green” Elements project launches the sale of premium residential units in Tatranská Lomnica
The Elements project is officially launching the sale of residential units, with construction beginning in the second quarter of 2022. The “green” hotel resort will grow on a brownfield site and revitalise the previously built-up area of Tatranská Lomnica bordering the TANAP natural reserve. In this way there will be no deforestation of new areas. The exclusive sale of the premium project is ...
Prenajímanie nehnuteľnosti má svoje úskalia, niekedy sa oplatí staviť na skúsenosti odborníkov na trhu
Renting real estate has its pitfalls, sometimes it pays to lean on the experience of market experts
Rents in the capital are experiencing a boom in demand. The market is seeing the return of a group of customers absent due to the pandemic for nearly two years, i.e. foreign workers. Today, the purchase of real estate for renting it out is beneficial for the client but comes with a number of pitfalls and requires a high degree of commitment. HERRYS real estate agency therefore brings a solution in...
Riešenia pre zdravú klímu v projekte Metropolis prináša nemecký špecialista na vetracie systémy - WOLF
Solutions for a healthy climate in the Metropolis project brought by the German ventilation systems specialist – WOLF
As much as 90% of our lives are spent in enclosed rooms, so we should strive for an optimal climate inside buildings. This is not just about temperature and humidity, but also air quality. Poor air quality in interiors is caused by toxins from materials, increased CO2 concentration and excessive humidity. In modern buildings, though, the issue of a healthy climate is addressed by smart ventilation...
Počet prenajatých nehnuteľností stúpol, záujem bol o menšie byty. Dopyt po prenájmoch neutíchne ani v tomto roku
Rentals growing, with interest focused on smaller apartments. Demand for rentals to remain strong again this year
The number of rental transactions in Bratislava concluded via HERRYS real estate agency increased by 10% last year. This testifies to the unending demand for rentals in the capital, especially for two-room apartments, alongside growing interest in flatlets. Most rentals were made in the district of Bratislava I. According to HERRYS representatives, this trend will continue again this year. &nb...
Hypotéky budú aj v roku 2022 stále za vynikajúcich podmienok. Dôležitá bude voľba správnej fixácie
Mortgage conditions will remain excellent in 2022. Choosing the right fixed-rate period will be all-important
The interest rate set by the European Central Bank is, according to current statements from the central bank, to remain at its minimum. Mortgage specialist Eva Špaňová reckons that this is good news for those who are still postponing the purchase of real estate, as this may change in the near future. She also advises clients who already have a mortgage, as well as those still only consider...
Investícia do apartmánu môže byť jednou z ciest k bývaniu v atraktívnej lokalite, v centre mesta.  Právnik radí, čo je potrebné všímať si pri kúpe
Investing in a studio flat can be one of the paths to living at an attractive location in the city centre. A lawyer advises what to look out for when buying
Bratislava centre, especially the new downtown and its surroundings, are becoming increasingly attractive for life and living, but the offer of real estate at these locations does not satisfy market needs. One of the reasons is the limitations of the city’s zoning plan, setting out how much space there should be for housing and how much for civic amenities. Nevertheless, the city’s act...
Nová situácia nás inšpiruje rozmýšľať inak. Dôležité bude mať neustály prehľad o trhu, vidieť  príležitosti a zvoliť správnu stratégiu
The new situation is prompting us to think differently. It will be all about having a constant overview of the market, seeing opportunities, and choosing the right strategy
What will be the situation on the real estate market in 2022? Filip Žoldák from RK Herrys talks about the trends that will influence our thinking on investments and real estate. We will all be facing several challenges, but history shows that a new situation forces people to be more creative and look for new solutions. And this will almost always be reflected in society’s further progress....
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1-bedroom apartme... | 58 m2
550 € /month
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1-bedroom apartme... | 69,10 m2
279 000 €
HERRYS - For sale spacious 1 bedroom apartment after reconstruction with separate kitchen, brick 
Studio | 44,45 m2
159 900 €
HERRYS - Fully furnished 2-room apartment for rent in the centre of Bratislava on Klobučnícka street
1-bedroom apartme... | 64 m2
800 € /month
HERRYS - For sale, a well-situated plot of land near the highway on Lamačská cesta
Mixed zone | 1 521 m2
490 000 €
HERRYS - For rent, a luxurious 3-room apartment in the Eurovea complex with garage parking
2-bedroom apartme... | 98 m2
2 500 € /month
HERRYS - Office space with parking spaces for rent in Old Town
Offices | 150 m2
10 € /m2/month
HERRYS - For sale a unique 5-room large-scale apartment with high ceilings in the Old Town
4-bedroom apartme... | 201,75 m2
850 000 €
HERRYS - For rent a new 3 room apartment with balcony and cellar in new building ROZETA in Ružinov
2-bedroom apartme... | 72,40 m2
750 € /month
HERRYS - For rent fully furnished 2 bedroom apartment in Ružinovský Vlčie hrdlo
1-bedroom apartme... | 41 m2
450 € /month