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Herrys inšpiruje slovenský realitný trh
Herrys reigns supreme in the Slovak real estate market
Herrys is reaping one award after another. After winning the prestigious CIJ Awards for the ninth time in the Best Local Real Estate Agency category, the agency also topped the Biggest in Business in the Real Estate Agency category.The Slovak Spectator publishes each December its Biggest in Business ranking, based on questionnaires completed by hundreds of respondent companies, it compiles a list ...
Viete, ako spoznať kvalitnú novostavbu a ísť pri kúpe na istotu?
Finding quality and certainty in Bratislava’s new-build market
Investing in an apartment requires thoughtful consideration, whether you’re looking for a home or you see an apartment primarily as an investment. There are many criteria to go by, but if they can be summed up in one word, it is quality.The key to making a sound decision comes down to appreciating the quality of the apartment – the craftsmanship, materials, and technology that will preserve an...
success rate is 94%
The average sales time is only 1 month
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V Bratislave vyrastá projekt budúcnosti. Oslovuje kupujúcich s víziou, ktorí si uvedomujú zmysel zásadných hodnôt. Tými sú zdravie a čas
Bratislava has a project of the future rising in its midst. Buyers aware of importance of core values like health and time are attracted to its vision.
A project you cannot overlook in Bratislava. Two iconic towers have been built close to the centre, bringing, in addition to high standards in the materials used, state-of-the-art technology seldom seen in any other project. In this interview its developer Sebastien Dejanovski from Mint Investments talks about what the Metropolis residents can look forward to.1.  How did the name “Metr...
Realitné fórum: ESG zahŕňa aj sociálne faktory a riadenie
Real Estate Forum: ESG includes social factors and governance
The autumn real estate Forum looked at how anti-inflationary measures, a pending amendment to the Building Act, and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) priorities will affect construction speed and quality, as well as real estate pricing. Mastering ESG, especially environmental factors (E), offers a competitive advantage. Nevertheless, excelling in social factors (S) like resident comfort,...

New builds

Brno láka Slovákov na kúpu investičnej nehnuteľnosti
Brno attracts Slovaks in purchasing investment property
Czech real estate market has rebounded quicker than Slovakia’s. While the Slovak market has nearly lost all investment buyers, real estate in the neighbouring Czech Republic, especially in Brno, just a stone’s throw from Bratislava, is seeing growing numbers of Slovak buyers.The Czech real estate market has a lot in common with the Slovak one. However, while the Slovak real estate market has b...
Mint Investments: Rezidenčný projekt Metropolis urobí z bývania zážitok
Mint Investments: Discover the Future of Living at Metropolis
City living with a healthy home. Thanks to the residential project Metropolis you can both. The building brings tomorrow’s technology to residents today and with it the opportunity to maximise the use of their living space. Sebastien Dejanovski, a partner at the developer Mint Investments talks about the project’s progress as well as the exceptional technology and materials...
Najdrahšia novostavba v Bratislave ponúka top technológie: Za koľko v nej kúpite byt?
Bratislava’s most expensive new-build boasts cutting-edge technology. How much does an apartment there cost?
Bratislava’s Downtown district is home to some of Slovakia’s most lucrative properties. The Metropolis project might not be setting any height records, nevertheless it stands out with the highest apartment prices in the city centre. Far from deterring buyers, this seems to enhance its appeal.Two thirds soldOf the 292 apartments on offer, 65% have already found their new owners, with the pricie...
Byty v dokončených novostavbách sú lacnejšie o takmer 10 % v porovnaní s rozostavanými
Completed newbuild apartments are almost 10% cheaper than those under construction
The offer of newbuilds continues to expand, albeit only slightly. New projects come with higher quality.The average price of new apartments is just below €4000 per sqm excl. VAT and is growing yearly.The city quarter BA II reported the most apartments on offer, and also the strongest district in terms of sales of new apartments.The sale of newbuild apartments has seen a 48 % decrease against a y...
Keď sa rast cien vráti, bude ešte vyšší, ako ľudia očakávajú, hovorí developer Metropolisu
When price growth returns, it will surpass expectations, says Metropolis developer
Prague is less attractive than Bratislava, as everything there is UNESCO-protected, explains Sebastien Dejanovski, one of the partners of the Czech-Slovak company Mint Investments.In the world of comics, “Metropolis” is the city that is home to Superman, his allies, and his enemies. Today it takes on a new meaning – a landmark residential project in Bratislava. In the Downtown there is a res...
HERRYS vyberá: 4 TOP investičné príležitosti blízko za hranicami
HERRYS selects: 4 TOP investment opportunities just beyond the borders
Brno buzzes with a rich urban and academic life. Culture, concerts, professional conferences, sporting events, great bistros and quality cafés make up the vibrant atmosphere of this Moravian metropolis. What sets Brno apart, though, is the pervasive sense of student endeavour in this innovation hub. Over recent years, this city has become a desirable destination for study, life, and business.&nbs...
Metropolis sa blíži k dokončeniu
Metropolis is nearing completion
Construction of the Metropolis residential project in Bratislava’s Downtown is nearing completion. The last series of apartments will be added to the offer, while retail premises are also taking shape. These will offer services and amenities to Metropolis residents and the public. Construction is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2024; owners will be able to move in the autum...
Mint Investments: Stavbu budúcnosti si môžu rezidenti užiť už dnes
Mint Investments: Living in the future today
Metropolis brings a high standard of living not just in terms of architecture, but more importantly, in state-of-the-art technology that today’s buildings cannot compete with. The blend of timeless architecture with smart technology solutions and a perfect location is discussed by Sebastien Dejanovski, partner at Mint Investments.What makes Bratislava attractive for a Czech invest...
Stavebné pozemky v Hviezdoslavove nadobúdajú finálnu podobu
Building plots in Hviezdoslavovo take on their final shape
The Hviezdne Homes project is approaching the culmination of its construction phase. The rapidly developing location will gain plots with ideal sizes at attractive prices. Grasp this unique opportunity to build your dream home in a quiet, family-oriented community, in a location with complete infrastructure. Selecting the right building plot is the essential first step towards building the pr...
Hypotéky na investičné špekulácie z trhu takmer zmizli, ľudia kupujú byty na vlastné bývanie
Mortgages for investment speculation have virtually disappeared from the market; people are buying apartments for their own housing
Most Slovaks can afford to buy property even today, just perhaps not the one they aspire to. This is not so much because of higher interest rates, but rather the caps set by the National Bank of Slovakia, designed to protect the buyer from a disproportionate debt. As a result, many prospective homeowners will not achieve their dream home and are being forced to downgrade their expectations, observ...
Na trhu s nehnuteľnosťami nastala zmena. Dopyt však stále výrazne zaostáva za ponukou
Change in the property market. Demand still lags far behind supply
 Both prices and offer of apartments on the Bratislava’s residential secondary market have been stagnant for 4 months. Nevertheless, the current market behaviour does not suggest any further significant price drops. The supply-demand ratio has reversed with more apartments having been sold over the past year than came on the market. Despite a slight increase in the overall average price per...
Kúpou bytu v Metropolise si kupujete aj nový životný štýl
With buying an apartment in Metropolis you are buying into a new lifestyle
Can living in the centre of a big city be healthy? This question is answered by the Metropolis project’s architect, Juraj Sonlajtner, and its developer, Sebastien Dejanovski. In their interview, we learn how the new downtown project promotes a healthy lifestyle and brings greater aesthetics and comfort to people’s lives. Metropolis is the only new building in Bratislava to be comprehensively e...
Výstavba Metropolisu napreduje, v downtowne sa už týči jeho ikonické písmeno M 
Construction of Metropolis is advancing, its iconic M-shape already towers over the downtown 
Construction of the Metropolis residential project in Bratislava’s downtown is nearing its completion, changing the panorama of Bratislava’s downtown. The two towers of Metropolis, jointly forming the iconic shape M, have now reached their full height, culminating at nearly 63 metres at their highest point. Completion is scheduled for the first quarter of 2024. The Metropolis residential ...
Metropolis je projekt, s ktorým večer zaspávame a ráno sa zobúdzame
Metropolis is a project that is with us day and night
Miriam Besenyei and David Kobulnický, experienced builders from the Japanese company Takenaka, talk about their relationship to the project of two M-shaped residential towers, which they have been working on since the beginning of the construction of the upper structure. Both have several successful construction projects under their belt. They will reveal what makes Metropolis special for them an...
Nový projekt v Hviezdoslavove ponúka stavebné pozemky na predaj
New project in Hviezdoslavov offer building plots on sale
New Hviezdne Homes neighbourhood in the village of Hviezdoslavov will offer 22 building plots. The offer includes a house project with a valid building permit. The utilities are scheduled to get a use approval in the autumn and the first home owners can start building in the spring.For years now, the supply of building plots around Bratislava has not been expanding substantially, and there are not...
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For rent very nice 3 room apartment at the beginning of Dúbravka
2-bedroom apartme... | 70,27 m2
900 € /month
HERRYS, For sale parking space in a garage in a new building Panorama City
Garages and parki... | 14 m2
45 000 €
HERRYS - For sale renovated 3-room flat with separate kitchen in the sought-after part of Ružinov
2-bedroom apartme... | 72,24 m2
269 000 €
HERRYS - For rent pleasant 4 room apartment in the complex Eden park near the Štrkovecký lake
3-bedroom apartme... | 101 m2
1 300 € /month
HERRYS - Na predaj priestranný a slnečný 2 izbový byt s balkónom a parkovaním v Novom Meste
1-bedroom apartme... | 88 m2
270 000 €
HERRYS - For rent non-residential space used as an office. Opposite the department store CENTRAL. 
Offices | 31 m2
500 € /month
1-bedroom apartme... | 45,32 m2
700 € /month
HERRYS - for rent nice 1-bedroom apartment in Dúbravka near the forest
Studio | 31,24 m2
500 € /month
HERRYS - Spacious 2 room apartment for rent in Ružinov
1-bedroom apartme... | 62 m2
550 € /month
HERRYS - for sale 2 rooms apartment in Eurovea on the waterfront overlooking the Danube
1-bedroom apartme... | 57,49 m2
360 000 €
HERRYS - for rent 2-bedroom apartment with loggia in Karloveské Rameno project
1-bedroom apartme... | 56,44 m2
730 € /month
HERRYS - Stylish 4 room apartment for rent in TAMI project (Dúbravka)
3-bedroom apartme... | 78,20 m2
950 € /month
HERRYS - For rent designer 3 room apartment in Old Town on Jozefská street
2-bedroom apartme... | 81 m2
1 290 € /month
HERRYS - for rent 4 room apartment in a new building under Slavín on Timravinova street
3-bedroom apartme... | 140 m2
2 000 € /month
HERRYS - For rent pleasant 4 room apartment in the complex BORIA near the Štrkovecký lake
3-bedroom apartme... | 150 m2
1 700 € /month
HERRYS - For sale 2-room apartment after complete reconstruction with parking space
1-bedroom apartme... | 30,67 m2
115 000 €
HERRYS - For rent, a generous, spacious 2-room apartment with air conditioning
1-bedroom apartme... | 62,37 m2
700 € /month
HERRYS - For rent modern 3-room apartment with parking in popular project SLNEČNICE 
2-bedroom apartme... | 57 m2
890 € /month
HERRYS - for rent modern 1-bedroom apartment in new building ČEREŠNE with parking space
1-bedroom apartme... | 50 m2
690 € /month
HERRYS - Pleasant 3 room apartment for rent in the heart of Petržalka
2-bedroom apartme... | 69 m2
650 € /month