Our success rate is 94%

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Call us: +421 948 217 888

Best Local Real Estate Agency

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Our success rate is 94 %

Call us: +421 948 217 888
Call us: +421 948 217 888
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The average time to sale is only 1 month and 9 days
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The market for new apartments is influenced by multiple factors, and responds quickly to bad news but slowly to good news… Read more
Prieskum realitného trhu
Prieskum realitného trhu
Prieskum realitného trhu
Prieskum realitného trhu
Prieskum realitného trhu
Prieskum realitného trhu
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For developers
  • A better choice than selling in-house – lower or comparable costs
  • Efficient sales – above-standard speed at appropriate prices
  • Comprehensive marketing – not just advertising
  • Real-time analysis of marketing tools response
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We offer you a selection of top projects

Nový Ružinov 2
Pod Vinicou
Špitálska 2

Housing offer

HERRYS, 2 bedroom apartment for rent in the new Panorama City building
1-bedroom apartme... | 60 m2
990 € /month
HERRYS - Fully furnished 3-room apartment for rent after reconstruction on Hradská street in Vrakuni
2-bedroom apartme... | 67,90 m2
725 € /month
HERRYS - 2 bedroom apartment for sale in a popular location in Dúbravka
1-bedroom apartme... | 54,12 m2
169 990 €
HERRYS - For rent quiet 1 bedroom apartment in Tri Veže project
Studio | 39,70 m2
450 € /month
Herrys - for rent exclusive large 3 - room apartment in Ružinov (Martinčekova street). 
2-bedroom apartme... | 120 m2
900 € /month
HERRYS - For sale high standard 1 bedroom flat in new building NIDO with parking place
1-bedroom apartme... | 63,26 m2
295 000 €
HERRYS - spacious, furnished 3-room apartment for rent in Slovenský Grob
2-bedroom apartme... | 68,52 m2
650 € /month
HERRYS - For sale 1 room apartment with balcony in freshly completed new project GUTHAUS
Studio | 32,54 m2
159 900 €
Family house | 355 m2
2 700 € /month
HERRYS - for sale 2-room apartment in a completely renovated apartment building in Stupava
1-bedroom apartme... | 50,98 m2
148 500 €
HERRYS - for rent - 2room apartment with a view of the Danube
1-bedroom apartme... | 84 m2
700 € /month
HERRYS - For rent 2i apartment in the very center of Grösslingova street
1-bedroom apartme... | 48 m2
500 € /month
HERRYS- For rent, 2-room, spacious apartment in the Old Town
1-bedroom apartme... | 70 m2
790 € /month
HERRYS - For rent designer 2-room (1 bedroom) apartment with A/C and parking space in PREMIÉRE
1-bedroom apartme... | 48,95 m2
800 € /month
HERRYS - Exclusive 1-bedroom apartment for rent on Šancova street - PREMIÉRE
Studio | 51,32 m2
590 € /month
HERRYS- For rent, spacious, modern 2-room apartment with parking space in a quiet location
1-bedroom apartme... | 61 m2
650 € /month
HERRYS- 2 bedroom apartment for rent right in the city center
1-bedroom apartme... | 52 m2
650 € /month
HERRYS - Cozy studio apartment for rent in a sought-after location in the Old Town
Studio | 24 m2
390 € /month

Streamline your business with Rent Management!

The key benefit of Rent Management is the continuous occupancy of an apartment or house. We ensure long-term and repeated occupancy of your rented property.

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Real estate magazine

Metropolis má silný tím: Mint Investments, Takenaku a Grinity. Dôležitý je spoločný cieľ
Metropolis has a strong team: Mint Investments, Takenaka, and Grinity. A common goal is important
We talked with Martin Tkáč from Grinity, which provides technical supervision services for the investor at the Metropolis construction site, about w...
Trh s nehnuteľnosťami praje prenájmom. Investičné byty sa oplatí držať
The real estate market wants to rent. Investment apartments are worth holding
• The supply of apartments in new projects has doubled year-on-year. Prices have stabilised, with new apartments now 12% more expensive than in 2021...
Investičný riaditeľ Mint Investments pre HN: Najluxusnejšie byty v Metropolise sú porovnateľné s cenami v Eurovea 2
Investment director of Mint Investments for HN: The most luxurious Metropolis apartments are comparable to prices in Eurovea 2
“I think that the premium market is not at any risk because of current situation. One of the reasons for this is that there are few such apartments,...
Predali ste alebo ste kúpili minulý rok nehnuteľnosť? Nezabudnite do 31. januára 2023 podať daňové priznanie k dani z nehnuteľností
Did you sell or buy a real-estate last year? Don’t forget to file your real-estate tax return by 31 January 2023
The HERRYS legal department has prepared a summary of the most important information you need for filing a real-estate tax return. What is real-e...
Výhrou projektu Metropolis sú ľudia, ktorí ho tvoria profesionálne a s nadšením
The winning element behind the Metropolis project are the people creating it professionally and with passion
“With Metropolis it was love at first sight,” admits Michal Kaderka, project manager at Takenaka, which is realising construction of Metropolis in...
„Bratislavský Manhattan“ bude štvrťou, akú sme si tu donedávna nevedeli ani predstaviť
“Bratislava’s Manhattan” will become a city quarter undreamt of
says Jaroslav Mida, investment director of the Czech development company Mint Investments building the Metropolis project, about the Bratislava’s ne...