Our success rate is 94%

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In 2020, we rented 396 properties

Call us: +421 948 217 888

Best Local Real Estate Agency

Najväčšia klasická realitná kancelária

Our success rate is 94 %

Call us: +421 948 217 888
Call us: +421 948 217 888
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The average time to sale is only 1 month and 9 days
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Prieskum realitného trhu
Prieskum realitného trhu
Prieskum realitného trhu
Prieskum realitného trhu
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Housing offer

Real estate agency HERRYS offers for rent bright, furnished 1-bedroom apartment ,  Ruzinov
Studio | 47 m2
400 € /month
HERRYS, For sale garaze on Gusevova street
Garages and parki... | 20 m2
35 990 €
HERRYS - For rent 2 bedroom apartment at the beginning of Petržalka
1-bedroom apartme... | 53 m2
400 € /month
HERRYS - Beautiful above-standard 4 bedroom apartment in Ružinov for rent
3-bedroom apartme... | 149 m2
1 450 € /month
HERRYS - For sale beautiful 2 rooms apartment in with high ceilings and green courtyard
1-bedroom apartme... | 70,61 m2
250 000 €
HERRYS - for rent 2 bedroom apartment in Panorama City overlooking the castle
1-bedroom apartme... | 53 m2
1 000 € /month
HERRYS - For sale 3 bedroom apartment with a large terrace in a quiet part of the Old Town
2-bedroom apartme... | 73,67 m2
349 000 €
HERRYS - For rent a spacious 4-room apartment with a terrace in a closed area with reserved parking
3-bedroom apartme... | 110 m2
1 500 € /month
HERRYS - a designed 2 bedroom apartment in Klingerka, not yet inhabited
1-bedroom apartme... | 53,20 m2
800 € /month
HERRYS - for rent 2 bedroom apartment with parking in Ružinov
1-bedroom apartme... | 50,53 m2
660 € /month
HERRYS - For sale brick house in an excellent location in Rača
Family house | 97,80 m2
200 000 €
HERRYS - Fully furnished 2-room apartment for rent on Poludnikova street in Ružinov
1-bedroom apartme... | 54,79 m2
490 € /month
HERRYS - For sale elegant 3 bedrooms apartment in EDEN PARK building near the lake at Štrkovec
3-bedroom apartme... | 101,54 m2
525 000 €
HERRYS – For rent modern 1 bedroom flat with parking place in project Sky Park
1-bedroom apartme... | 57,64 m2
1 600 € /month
HERRYS, Rent a spacious 2 bedroom apartment with a balcony on Tabakova street
1-bedroom apartme... | 60 m2
550 € /month
For rent, spacious 3-room apartment with a loggia in the new Domino building
2-bedroom apartme... | 95 m2
1 000 € /month
HERRYS - 2,5 bedroom apartment for rent in Ružinov
2-bedroom apartme... | 62 m2
530 € /month
HERRYS - for rent 3 bedroom completely renovated apartment with private parking 
2-bedroom apartme... | 52 m2
500 € /month

Streamline your business with Rent Management!

The key benefit of Rent Management is the continuous occupancy of an apartment or house. We ensure long-term and repeated occupancy of your rented property.

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Real estate magazine

Trh nehnuteľností sa za 20 rokov výrazne profesionalizoval.  Skúsenosti a vkus súčasných developerov umožnili  pokrok v architektúre
The real estate market has professionalised significantly over the past 20 years. Developers’ experience and taste are driving progress in architecture today
Sebastien Dejanovski from Mint Investments compares housing built 20 years ago and today and what factors are currently affecting real estate market t...
Prestížnu cenu Hall of Fame 2022 Awards pre CEE za najlepšiu lokálnu realitnú kanceláriu si odniesla RK HERRYS
Prestigious Hall of Fame 2022 Awards for CEE for Best Local Real Estate Agency won by HERRYS
The prestigious Hall of Fame award, which is the culmination of the CIJ Awards, will for the first time be coming in category Best Local Real Estate A...
Byty v Bratislave sa predávajú rýchlejšie, než pribúdajú do ponuky
Bratislava apartments selling faster than coming on offer
The long-term declining supply is failing to satisfy demand for residential real estate, despite constantly rising prices. HERRYS real estate agency d...
Rezort Elements postavia v Tatrách  výhradne na ekologických princípoch. Cieľom je  zdravý vzťah človeka a prírody
Elements Resort to be built in the Tatras solely on ecological principles. The goal is a healthy relationship between people and nature
The philosophy behind the “green” mountain resort Elements in Tatranská Lomnica is to enable people to have direct contact with nature while resp...
Každý kúsok zelene v meste má veľký význam
Every bit of greenery in the city is of great importance
Front gardens in urban apartment projects play several important roles. In addition to creating space for active recreation, outdoor play, and sociali...
Unikátne okná v rezorte Elements chránia vtáctvo a zároveň umožnia nádherné výhľady
Unique windows in the Elements resort protect the birds and at the same time allow wonderful views
A breath-taking view of the majestic mountain peaks from the residence or the hotel restaurant, through large windows is one of the greatest visual tr...