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Prieskum realitného trhu
Prieskum realitného trhu
Prieskum realitného trhu
Prieskum realitného trhu
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Housing offer

HERRYS - For sale, a spacious 3-room apartment with 2 terraces and a view of the city
2-bedroom apartme... | 124,08 m2
500 000 €
HERRYS - For rent pleasant 1 bedroom apartment in the sought-after part of Ružinov
1-bedroom apartme... | 44,78 m2
700 € /month
HERRYS - For sale, 3-room apartment with a view of the castle in the Sky Park 4 project
2-bedroom apartme... | 98,30 m2
569 000 €
HERRYS - Renovated office space for rent on the first floor of a family house in Lamač
Offices | 130 m2
800 € /month
HERRYS - For sale spacious and charming apartment in the heart of Donovaly with private garage
Holiday Apartment | 57,43 m2
219 900 €
Studio | 42,84 m2
640 € /month
HERRYS - For rent smart 1 room apartment in Ružinov on Kvetná street
Studio | 33 m2
490 € /month
HERRYS - For rent new luxury 2-bedroom apartment in new building ZWIRN 
1-bedroom apartme... | 53 m2
1 290 € /month
HERRYS - For rent 2 room apartment in the city center on Dunajská street.
1-bedroom apartme... | 37 m2
550 € /month
Real estate agency HERRYS offers for rent a modern 2-room apartment in the Villa Rustica project 
1-bedroom apartme... | 43 m2
730 € /month
HERRYS - For rent 2 bedroom apartment with an exceptional view of the castle in SKY PARK
1-bedroom apartme... | 50,35 m2
1 025 € /month
HERRYS - Air-conditioned 2-room apartment with loggia for sale
1-bedroom apartme... | 41,19 m2
125 000 €
HERRYS - For rent 2-bedroom apartment on Racianskom mýte
1-bedroom apartme... | 63,75 m2
580 € /month
HERRYS - For sale cozy 2-room apartment after complete reconstruction, Rača
1-bedroom apartme... | 52,96 m2
175 000 €
HERRYS - For sale modern 1 room apartment for investment in new building ZWIRN close to Dulovo 
Studio | 43,95 m2
260 000 €
HERRYS - Garage for rent in the project Bezručova Residence
Garages and parki... | 12 m2
180 € /month
HERRYS, For rent new and cozy 3 bedroom apartment with parking space in unique ZWIRNE 
2-bedroom apartme... | 69 m2
1 100 € /month
HERRYS - An exceptional plot of land for sale at the beginning of the village of Jablonové
Land for a family...
219 900 €
HERRYS - For sale cozy 2 room apartment on Vígľašská street in Petržalka
1-bedroom apartme... | 36,24 m2
140 000 €
HERRYS - Na predaj slnečný 2 izbový byt s veľkou loggiou a parkovaním v cene
1-bedroom apartme... | 68,30 m2
230 000 €

Streamline your business with Rent Management!

The key benefit of Rent Management is the continuous occupancy of an apartment or house. We ensure long-term and repeated occupancy of your rented property.

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Real estate magazine

Bratislavský Metropolis si vyberá. Obchodné priestory nepredá hocikomu
Bratislava Metropolis choose. They will not Sell their Business Premises to Anyone
The new building in the shape of the letter M is nearing completion. Recently, sale of its business premises was launched. They chose a different proc...
Zvonku extravagancia, zvnútra kvalita. Metropolis je vo finálnej rovinke, odhaľuje definitívnu podobu
Extravagance on the Outside, Quality on the Inside. Metropolis is in the Final Straight, Revealing its Definitive Form
Metropolis is one of the most striking projects in downtown, i.e. in the new center of Bratislava. However, it is not given by its height - in this re...
Metropolis prináša do Bratislavy kus Paríža či Londýna
Metropolis Brings a Piece of Paris or London to Bratislava
The trend of returning to living in the centers of metropolises is fully manifested in the Bratislava's downtown.High demand for lucrative housing in ...
Dopyt po nových bytoch sa odrazil od dna a už druhý kvartál po sebe rastie, najväčší záujem je o dvojizbové novostavby
Demand for new apartments has rebounded and been growing for the second consecutive quarter, with the greatest interest in two-bedroom new-builds
The number of new apartments sold increased by more than 100% compared to the same period last year.The average age of buyers has increased with the r...
Dopyt po nehnuteľnostiach opäť stúpa, kupujúci sú pripravenejší uzavrieť transakciu
Demand for real estate on the rise again, buyers more prepared to close a deal
Demand for property in Bratislava rose by 30% in January. Although the supply has slightly decreased, there are more buyers in the market. The biggest...
Herrys inšpiruje slovenský realitný trh
Herrys reigns supreme in the Slovak real estate market
Herrys is reaping one award after another. After winning the prestigious CIJ Awards for the ninth time in the Best Local Real Estate Agency category, ...