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Druhý kvartál priniesol najviac predaných bytov v novostavbách od roku 2019. Nedostatočná ponuka nových bytov spôsobuje zdražovanie aj na sekundárnom trhu
The second quarter of the year brought the most sold flats in new buildings from 2019. Limited supply of new flats is associated with rising prices also on the secondary market
The number of flats sold in new buildings in Bratislava and its surroundings doubled year-on-year. The offer, on the other hand, fell again in both year-on-year and quarterly comparisons. The same applies to the secondary market, where supply is lower by about 20% and offer prices increased by almost 15% year-on-year. The market is definitely the seller's market and there is no indication that...
Herrys uvádza redizajn svojej webstránky. Nová herrys.sk má pútavejšie užívateľské prostredie
Herrys Real Estate Agency is launching a redesign of its website.The new www.herrys.sk brings a more attractive user environment. The change also affected the visual identity of Herrys.
Herrys, a real estate agency focused on the sale of residential real estate in Bratislava and its surroundings, informs about the latest redesign of its website www.herrys.sk. The aim of the redesign was to streamline the access of site visitors to information that helps them make the right decisions in real estate transactions. The result of great design work is an aesthetically appealing look of...
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The average sales time is only 1 month
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Dobrej lokalite ani stagnácia trhu zásadne neublíži a nehnuteľnosti v nej si svoju hodnotu udržia aj z dlhodobého hľadiska
Good subpages and market stagnation will not fundamentally hurt, and real estate in it retains its value in the long run
Michal Vičan, the company's project manager, told us about Bratislava, the “Pod Vinicou” project, the beginnings of the development activities of the Arca Capital financial group, but also about the development of real estate prices. When did Arca Capital become an active developer? The beginnings of our activity in this segment date back to the period 2004-2006, when we bui...
Ceny nových i starých bytov stále rastú, trh nájmov prekonal očakávania
Prices of new and old flats are still rising, the rental market exceeded expectations
Comparison of Q1 / 2020 and Q1 / 2021 At the beginning of the year, there was a shortage of older flats on the largest Slovak real estate market. That is why their prices have grown faster and they are catching up with the prices of new flats. The new construction market again recorded its new highs. In the case of leases, in the first three months of this year, the number of concluded leases i...

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Najlepšou realitnou kanceláriou je HERRYS
The best real estate agency is HERRYS
During the 16th year of the CIJ Awards Slovakia, the HERRYS real estate agency again won the award in the category of the Best Local Real Estate Agency for 2020 - Best Local Real Estate Agency. The largest real estate agency in Bratislava thus defended its position a year ago. The Best Local Real Estate Agency award was won by the real estate agency HERRYS not only in the last two years, but also ...
Nových bytov je v Bratislave stále málo, tento rok zmenu neprinesie
There are still few new flats in Bratislava, this year will not bring change
The Bratislava market with new buildings is the largest market for developers. However, in the capital, as well as in the whole of Slovakia, there has been a significant shortage of new flats for several years. The pandemic over the past year has not reduced interest in buying new real estate. On the anothher hand, good credit conditions last year supported the interest in real estate, not only fo...
Ceny bytov naďalej porastú, prenájmy čaká mierne oživenie
Apartment prices continue to rise, rents are waiting for a slight recovery
Despite the unfavorable economic consequences of the current crisis, last year sale prices of flats and houses in the capital and its surroundings recorded double-digit growth. Although the number of concluded contracts increased in terms of leases, prices fell slightly. This follows from the data of the real estate agency HERRYS, which is the largest real estate agency in Bratislava with mor...
Realitnú kanceláriu HERRYS zastupuje SKPR STRATEGIES
The real estate agency HERRYS is represented by SKPR STRATEGIES
Bratislava, February 3, 2021: The current economic situation has caused the real estate market to undergo fundamental changes and professional services related to sales and rentals are becoming a necessity. Therefore, current and future clients urgently need to have up-to-date information about what is happening on the market and quality advice. One of the largest real estate agencies in our marke...
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