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Ľudia v tíme sú najväčšou hodnotou projektu
Team members are the most valuable part of a project
Sebastien Dejanovski is a well-known and respected personality in the real-estate business.  He enjoys working with people, his role in Mint Investments encompasses new acquisitions, his ability to grasp the initial vision for a project, his accurate analyses of opportunities and risks and the keen eye for detail that he brings to every project he is involved in. In this interview, he speaks ...
Proceram prináša taliansky dizajn do downtownu
Proceram brings Italian design downtown
ProCeram is the leading supplier of wall and floor tiling, and sanitary ware for the new Metropolis residential project. We spoke with the company’s director, Danka Fijalková, about the modern bathrooms from world brands that bring high quality and comfort to Metropolis, as well as about contemporary trends and clients’ current preferences.   How do you at ProCeram feel as ...
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Milión možností pre coworking v downtowne
A million opportunities for coworking in the downtown
In the unique location of the newly emerged downtown, housing, business, sports and relaxation are in absolute symbiosis. Right in its heart and surroundings, modern coworking centers have been created, which provide perfectly equipped, comfortable and flexible offices, ready for immediate use. At the same time, new possibilities are available for active movement and relaxation during and after wo...
Najkrajšie budovy majú vždy rešpekt k mestu  a vysokú mieru estetickej pokory
The most beautiful buildings always have the respect for the city and a high degree of aesthetic humility
On the occasion of World Architecture Day, we spoke with prominent architect Juraj Sonlajtner about architecture and the Metropolis residential project, whose architectural design he created with colleagues from City Work Architects. He says he doesn't like "fashion" fads in urban architecture. He perceives architecture as a service and sees its future in rational thinking and sustai...

New builds

METROPOLIS bude postavený podľa japonského know-how.  Generálnym dodávateľom stavby je Takenaka
METROPOLIS will be built according to Japanese know-how. The general contractor of the construction is Takenaka
Developer Mint Investments has announced that the winner of the tender for the general contractor for the construction of the Metropolis residential project is the Japanese company Takenaka Europe GmbH. The winner was decided by experience, professionalism, proposed alternative solutions and also the total price. The preparation of the construction of the 16- and 18-storey tower in the shape of th...
Developer projektu Metropolis: V downtowne sa dá vybudovať svetová architektúra
Metropolis project developer: World-class architecture can be built in the downtown
After a long period of preparation, Mint Investments has launched the implementation of the Metropolis project, which will be another high-altitude entrance to the Bratislava downtown area. Although they will not be the tallest buildings, they attract attention with their capital shape M. Group partner Sebastien Dejanovski considers the combination of location and current situation to be an ideal ...
Rozhovor s Katarínou Lindbergh
Interview with Katarína Lindbergh
We bring you an interview with Katarína Lindbergh, co-founder of the development company Mint Investments, which is actively involved in the Metropolis residential project. The interview was published in the SME Women's supplement, which focused on the topic of ecological housing. How is the easiest way to achieve an ecological approach to housing? To alleviate this, I would say, that...
Dokonalá architektúra nového downtownu si žiada dokonalý dizajn interiérov
The perfect architecture of new downtown requires perfect interior design
The new downtown, a representative center of Bratislava, emerging between the Mlynské nivy district and the Danube River, is exceptional not only due to its top architecture and location, but also due to the quality and comfort of residential housing. From the visualizations of the METROPOLIS project, which were created by the STOPKA design studio, the generous potential of the living space can b...
Po bombastickom náleze pokračujú výkopové práce
After the Bombastic Finding, Excavation Works Continue
The Developer of the Metropolis Project Was Ready for a Possible Finding After the Tuesday's finding of unexploded ammunition by permanent pyrotechnic supervision at the Metropolis construction site, excavation works continue. Bratislava's downtown has once again become a bit safer. While the report on the finding of unexploded ammunition at the construction site at Mlynské nivy sur...
Downtown Bratislavy bude vďaka Metropolisu bezpečnejší
Bratislava city centre will be safer thanks to Metropolis
The developer was ready for such finds Early this morning, a pyrotechnic survey carried out as part of preliminary excavation and construction work for the lower part of the Metropolis project detected an unexploded bomb on the construction site. Based on a meeting of the emergency task force and the recommendations of the pyrotechnic expert, the bomb was removed from the place where it was fou...
METROPOLIS pokračuje vo výstavbe realizáciou spodnej stavby
METROPOLIS continues to build the substructure
Preparatory work and coordination of excavations are currently being carried out. Excavation work will take place until September 2021, when they will reach a depth of approximately 7 meters below ground level. The implementation of the base plate is planned for the end of October. These works are carried out by the experienced construction company Metrostav Slovakia a.s. "Healthy and ...
Novovznikajúci downtown Bratislavy sa rozrastie o nový rezidenčný projekt.
The newly emerging center of Bratislava will be expanded with a new residential project
The center of Bratislava is gradually undergoing a transformation, thanks to which a new modern center, often called "downtown", is being created. Modern apartments and offices in this location will be complemented by a new residential project by the experienced investor MINT INVESTMENTS, known mainly for its activities in Prague and the Czech Republic. He followed up on the long-term vi...
Bývanie v meste predlžuje život
Living in city extends life
U.S. researchers have found that urban dwellers live longer on average than suburban and rural dwellers. They did this survey for 40 years. In Slovakia, according to Infostat statistics, the inhabitants of Bratislava, specifically the district of Bratislava 1, live on average 1 to 7 years longer than the inhabitants of other districts of Bratislava and Slovakia. The average life expectancy in Brat...
Developer Mint Investments vybral pre financovanie výstavby projektu Metropolis strategického partnera Tatra banku
Mint Investments development company selects Tatra banka as its strategic and trustworthy partner to finance the construction of the Metropolis residential project
At the start of May, the Mint Investments development company initiated the preliminary work for the construction of the attractive residential project Metropolis in the new downtown of Bratislava. The company chose Tatra banka to finance the project based on Tatra banka’s long-term experience in financing commercial projects and high-level professionalism. Tatra banka provided a loan of ...
Developer rezidenčného projektu METROPOLIS zahájil prípravné práce k výstavbe projektu
METROPOLIS residential project developer has commenced preparatory works on construction
Almost 40% of the project’s residential units are already sold. The Metropolis project, being built by Mint Investments right in the heart of the new downtown, has reached a significant milestone today. On the corner plot, at the Bottova – Chalupkova crossroads, the company has begun preparatory activities and the project has entered its realisation phase. Despite the current situation...
METROPOLIS je MIESTO plné inšpirácií. Tu budete nielen bývať, ale aj naplno žiť!
METROPOLIS is a PLACE full of inspiration Here, you will not just reside, but live life to the full.
5 reasons inspiring you to take up life in Metropolis. 1.    A place for active life – ideal for people who wish to walk or ride a bike to get to their points of destination and who like to lead an active life. In addition to the Danube embankment with its fitness features, there soon will be parks and gardens for more sports and leisure. A family picnic can be held in the...
Bratislava má odvahu prijať unikátnu architektúru
Bratislava has the courage to adopt a unique architecture
The capital is to soon acquire a new landmark. The Metropolis project, currently taking shape within the new downtown not far from the Bratislava bus station, will attract attention through its originality and use of the state-of-the-art elements. The design of residential modern buildings has been prepared by the leading Czech architectural firm City Work Architects. In creating this unique proje...
Projekt METROPOLIS v lokalite Mlynské nivy – nový downtown spúšťa predaj
METROPOLIS project located in Mlynské nivy – the new downtown – launches sales
The distinctive M-shaped residential building officially starts today the sale of apartments and suites offering high-standard urban housing. The project will bring in total 298 units to market. Tower A of the Metropolis residential project, in which sales are to begin first, is currently offering 147 residential properties on 16 floors. The anticipated project of one of the leading real estate in...
METROPOLIS sa stane ikonickou stavbou, na ktorú budú jej obyvatelia pyšní
METROPOLIS is going to be an iconic building, bringing pride to its inhabitants
The space between the Danube and the former bus station has undergone a fundamental change in recent years. Industrial halls and warehouses have disappeared and a new modern centre, known as Bratislava’s downtown, is being built. Among the latest projects to complement the existing area is the project Metropolis. It revealed its shape in the autumn of last year and to the capital’s sky...
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