22nd March 2021

The best real estate agency is HERRYS

The best real estate agency is HERRYS
During the 16th year of the CIJ Awards Slovakia, the HERRYS real estate agency again won the award in the category of the Best Local Real Estate Agency for 2020 - Best Local Real Estate Agency. The largest real estate agency in Bratislava thus defended its position a year ago. The Best Local Real Estate Agency award was won by the real estate agency HERRYS not only in the last two years, but also in the years 2012 to 2015.
"Last year, we presented 77 nominees who had to deal with unprecedented obstacles in their business last year. In complying with government measures and restricting them all, we respect them as winners, "said Robert Fletcher, director of CIJ EUROPE, which organizes the competition. The winners were chosen in a two-stage vote. In the first round, a selected jury composed of 12 renowned experts from the real estate, investment, architectural and construction industries decided. In the second phase, CIJ EUROPE readers voted, casting 677 online votes. Participants from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia registered for this year's event. The CIJ Awards have been presented for almost three decades and is an important source of information on the development, real estate and construction industries in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe. In Slovakia, the award has been given for 16 years.
"2020 was one of the most difficult, because it was very difficult to plan or expect anything. Despite the negative forecasts from the beginning of the year, we are very happy that we managed to fulfill the plans that we set before the pandemic. My thanks go especially to all colleagues and partners whose work cannot be done entirely from homeoffice. In this difficult situation, however, they were able to do it at a high level, professionally, they were able to provide quality services to people who wanted to sell real estate or were lookking for housing. We found a new home for two thousand clients and we carried out almost 800 transactions for them, while the sales themselves reached the value of 80 million euros. We thank all the voters for their trust, we really appreciate the award, "says Filip Žoldák, partner of the real estate agency HERRYS.
HERRYS is one of the largest real estate agencies operating on the market, in and around the capital. Since its inception, the office has built three branches in Bratislava and since 2018 it has also been operating in Prague. In addition to the Best Local Real Estate award, the team of HERRYS professionals in 2016 and 2017 was evaluated as the best sales team in Slovakia - the Best Local Power Team of the Year. In 2018, the office received the title Real Estate Agency of the Year from the National Association of Real Estate Agents. The SME Index portal evaluated HERRYS as the largest classic real estate agency of 2020 on our market.
HERRYS deals with the mediation of the sale and rental of residential real estate, consulting for developers and the exclusive sale of development projects.