11th August 2021

Interview with Katarína Lindbergh

Author Redakcia SME Ženy
Interview with Katarína Lindbergh

We bring you an interview with Katarína Lindbergh, co-founder of the development company Mint Investments, which is actively involved in the Metropolis residential project. The interview was published in the SME Women's supplement, which focused on the topic of ecological housing.

How is the easiest way to achieve an ecological approach to housing?

To alleviate this, I would say, that one of the options is to build a house underground. The earth protects against temperature extremes, ensures a stable temperature all year round, so in winter it is enough to heat much less, in summer, on the way the earth cools house down. Some underground houses need five times less energy for heating than modern above-ground and ten times less energy than houses that were built fifteen years ago. Also resistant to fire, wind and sound insolation. However, such a solution may not save construction costs, as it requires professional project preparation and highly qualified construction work. And not all of us would choose to live partly underground.

The owners in new residential project have it  easiest, they today emphasize not only with the quality of housing and functionality, but also with sustainability. From the developer's point of view, taking into account the ecological principle is a matter of course for us. However, achieving the same standard in older real estate is not possible without a major investment.

You are working on the Metropolis project in Bratislava. Why is the project interesting for you?

Metropolis stands out in the Bratislava jungle with its modern and timeless architecture and project meets all the requirements for carefree living in a new building. Since owning an property is not a cheap affair today, the apartment should be effectively designed and built of quality and functional materials. It will also please a modern and ecological technical standard.

In Metropolis, for example, ceiling cooling and heating will be available to residents. Allergy sufferers will enjoy it because there is no swirling of dust and no need for cleaning from bacteria as in the case of conventional air conditioning. Ceiling cooling uses a radiant system that is incomparably more natural and pleasant than airflow. In addition, the installation will not change the design of the interior, air conditioning units in every room they have become a thing of the past. We have also solved the requirement of healthy ventilation, with a centrally controlled intelligent recuperation system of first-class quality.




This is how I see it

1. Without this I can not imagine my life

Without your family, without outdoor sports and without good food.

2. My biggest success is

I co-founded the company, which was settle up in 2002 with my friends. Mint Investments is significantly established in the Czechia, mostly for Prague market. Mint has also implemented several successful projects in Slovakia. The total value of the managed real estate exceeds the volume of 600 mil. eur. In the last five years, the company has concluded transactions worth more than one billion euros. The average return on investment reached 40 percent, which represents a nominal net profit of 175 mil. eur. Despite this, we have remained great friends and partners so far. I don't know many companies where friendships have lasted.

3. In the flat or in house, I can not be without

Underground or closed garage, from where I can enter the elevator with dry feet. Even if I use the car minimally, the parking space in the Old Town is always suitable for visitors or suppliers, as well as for larger purchases. I also can't imagine living without outdoor space, whether it's a balcony, terrace or loggia with a view and lighting of the space.

4. These following buildings fascinating me the most

In addition to practical and modern new buildings, I am also fascinated by the complete opposite, namely medieval castles, for example in Scotland, with a unique atmosphere, when it doesn't even bother you, that is raining outside and you can enjoy afternoon tea in a chair by the fireplace and a four-poster bed.

5. These places are must to visit

It was fascinating for me, to travel with a backpack in Venezuela or around Ecuador, but I also enjoyed a trip across Australia or New Zealand. A week ago, for example, my son and I walked from Brezová pod Bradlom to Baba in Pezinok, and I highly recommend such a tour of the Little Carpathians combined with an adventurous sleep in the tent to everyone.


6. These countries are my beloved

I have to admit that when I returned to Slovakia in 2002 after five years of working in London and before that in Austria and Sweden in 2002, Bratislava seemed to me like a terrible hole where one could not even eat and culturally enjoy myself. After a few years, I found myself praising my life in Bratislava and Slovakia in front of friends and acquaintances from abroad. Today I adore Slovakia, I love its mountains, mostly the Western Tatras and the Little Fatra, I love the Danube, where we go swimming and kayaking with my family and the already mentioned Little Carpathians and Bratislava's Old Town.


7. These books I recommending to read

I like non-fictional and autobiographical literature, travelogues, but also thrilling stories with a detective plot. In addition to Slovak, I also like to read in Czech, English and German.


Profile: Katarína Linderbergh

After graduating from university in Sweden, Katarína began her career in investment banking. She worked for Erste Bank in Vienna and London, as well as for Deutsche Bank in London and Madrid. She returned to Slovakia to form the Mint Investments group together with her friends, where she is responsible for activities on the Slovak market. As part of its portfolio of services, Mint Investments focuses on asset management, property management, the renewable energy segment and development. She has implemented several development projects in the areas of housing, retail and office development. Today she lives with her family in Bratislava.

Author: Redakcia SME Ženy