26th November 2020

Living in city extends life

Living in city extends life

U.S. researchers have found that urban dwellers live longer on average than suburban and rural dwellers. They did this survey for 40 years. In Slovakia, according to Infostat statistics, the inhabitants of Bratislava, specifically the district of Bratislava 1, live on average 1 to 7 years longer than the inhabitants of other districts of Bratislava and Slovakia. The average life expectancy in Bratislava I has been extended by another 4 years in the last 10 years.

Better access to healthcare

And not only that. City dwellers spend much less time commuting for services, entertainment, friends and work. The average time spent in a car is 50 minutes. Imagine every day longer this time that you can spend better. You don't have to delay anywhere, because no traffic will stop you.

Non - manual work / higher education

The supply of job opportunities is related to life expectancy. People in the areas with the highest unemployment live the least. It can also be said that more opportunities equals less travel and more time with family. Non-manual work motivates people to play sports and relax, and thus implies a healthy lifestyle associated with healthy eating.

Better housing

The demands of city residents and city councils for the quality of housing are also growing due to the changing climate. Bratislava, as the capital with the largest share of private investment, has changed most of all cities since 2011. The emerging downtown, the Danube embankment, the thickening of the center, all this leads to a better use of the city and brings its inhabitants a connection between the new cities and the old ones, as well as a better use of the existing infrastructure. Modern technologies are starting to be used as standard in residential projects, and developers already understand that public space, greenery and materials used are aspects for which the client is willing to pay extra.

Social interaction

On the list of factors that most influence life expectancy, social interaction comes first. Having people around us, young people with whom we can also exchange a few words and share a part of our lives, is the most important thing for its length. And where is the better place than in the center, for coffee or lunch? You will meet someone here, even if you don't want to :)

What can you do to extend your life today?

Eat and drink healthily and move more. The healthiest and most natural movement is walking. Treat yourself to that luxury and walk to work. Stay in the center.