10th June 2020

The newly emerging center of Bratislava will be expanded with a new residential project

The newly emerging center of Bratislava will be expanded with a new residential project

The center of Bratislava is gradually undergoing a transformation, thanks to which a new modern center, often called "downtown", is being created. Modern apartments and offices in this location will be complemented by a new residential project by the experienced investor MINT INVESTMENTS, known mainly for its activities in Prague and the Czech Republic. He followed up on the long-term vision of the city of Bratislava, which is the creation of a modern city center, providing its inhabitants with a combination of housing, services and administration.

The silhouette of the center of Bratislava will be complemented by a new landmark. Originality and the most modern technologies are the elements that characterize a residential project. It will bring pleasant shades of warm colors and natural materials to the zone of the new "downtown". The Prague architectural studio City Work Architects, which is behind the project, emphasizes the original expression of the entire project and involves a lot of greenery in the project.

The sale of the project will start in November this year, the exclusive seller is the company HERRYS. "We are very pleased to be able to offer our clients this exceptional property and investment, the value of which will not only last but also grow. This is mainly due to the materials used, functional architecture and technologies ", states Filip Žoldák, partner spol. HERRYS.

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MINT INVESTMENTS was founded in 2002. As part of its portfolio of services, it focuses on asset management, property management, the renewable energy segment and development. She has implemented several development projects in the area of ​​residence, retail and office development. The company is significantly established on the Czech, mostly Prague market, while in the past it has implemented several successful projects in Slovakia. The total value of properties managed by MINT INVESTMENTS exceeds EUR 600,000,000.

HERRYS has been operating on the Bratislava residential real estate market since 2011. It specializes in preparation and consulting in the field of residential development, and has sold more than 2,000 properties in 21 residential projects. Within the secondary market, it specializes in exclusive sales, where it carries out approximately 140 transactions and leases of real estate annually, which this year approaches the number of 400 leased units.