18th December 2019

Seberini's project successfully completed

Seberini's project successfully completed

The project of a multifunctional building on Seberíniho Street is entering the final phase. The building approval went according to plan and the three detached apartment buildings were gradually switched on by the new owners. Even before the start of official sales, more than 60% of housing units were sold. The exclusive seller of the project was the real estate agency HERRYS. Ing. Štefan Koluš, head of the project preparation and management department of HORNEX a.s., told us the story of this project.

How is the preparation of the Seberini project going?

From a conceptual-ideological point of view, the process was standard. Architect's design, Ing. arch. Petr Moravčík, remained from a regular architectural competition, which was evaluated not only by investors nominated experts but also by a representative of the Ružinov Municipal Office. However, the preparation of the project was particularly time-consuming, due to the reluctance of several residents of the neighboring house to accept any new development on the affected plot.

As you mention, you have faced long-term complications. Where did the patience come from?

In addition to creative processes, every development project brings many complications and obstacles. Even with this project, it was no different, on the contrary, the obstructions lasted almost 10 years. The belief in the correctness, adequacy and attractiveness of the solution of the Seberíni Polyfunctional Object filled us with optimism, patience and energy, despite the mentioned problems.

The project has sold out successfully, what do you consider to be its biggest benefits?

The apartments and non-residential premises actually sold out in a record short time. We consider this fact to be an unequivocal appreciation of our product. As for the benefits, we consider them to be, in addition to attractive architecture, sensitively embedded in the existing urban structure, also a high quality of work and a pro-client approach.

What would you do differently for the next project?

I will not say anything new, I will only confirm that the construction process, including its preparation, is a constant "school of life". We certainly have named topics and processes that we would like to know and be able to do better in the next project. But we will keep them to ourselves as internal know-how. (smile)

What do you think was the greatest added value of working with HERRYS?

The best definition of the added value of cooperation with HERRYS is their professional experience with the sale of new residential buildings. This is also confirmed by the positive feedback from the vast majority of our clients. After all, this is the essence of the service for which we chose this company for cooperation. Willingness, diligence and professionalism are the most concise characteristics of the activities of the company's employees.

What would you like to bring to the market as a developer?

Only continuous improvement of preparation and construction processes will enable us to be a successful developer even in the environment of the announced market recession. Each new project will add value to the environment in which it is created. It will significantly increase the quality of life of the population in all its attributes. In addition to attractiveness and operational-economic balance, we also place emphasis on their environmental side.

We are experiencing a construction boom, high demand for construction services, what is your view on the current state?

Unfortunately, my long-term critical view of the construction market in Slovakia, influenced also by the experience gained in developed European countries, is deepening even more at this time. Quality has been suppressed by quantity, a strong "Excel approach" often knocks out creativity and fortune. There is simply not enough time for honest preparation, thorough control of project documentation, including verification of the relevance of input data. Builders are declining, project managers are not always ready and willing to accept their professional practices and experience.

How do you think the situation will develop further?

In my opinion, the capital of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava, is a "special story" and well-prepared projects are simply destined for success in its territory.

I am optimistic and I believe that sophisticated and modern procedures for the creation of construction and its environment, including stronger environmental principles, will be implemented to a greater extent in the processes in Slovakia.

What makes HORNEX, a.s. different from other construction companies?

HORNEX, a.s. has been in a consistent condition on the market for more than 25 years, also thanks to the fact that it adheres to the rules of constructive and fair cooperation not only with investors, but also with its subcontractors and partners. It is the guarantor of building long-term sustainable quality of buildings and their technological equipment. Numerous awards on the Slovak but also on the international market are clear proof of this.