18th March 2022

Renting real estate has its pitfalls, sometimes it pays to lean on the experience of market experts

Renting real estate has its pitfalls, sometimes it pays to lean on the experience of market experts

Rents in the capital are experiencing a boom in demand. The market is seeing the return of a group of customers absent due to the pandemic for nearly two years, i.e. foreign workers. Today, the purchase of real estate for renting it out is beneficial for the client but comes with a number of pitfalls and requires a high degree of commitment. HERRYS real estate agency therefore brings a solution in the form of rent management.


Renting out an apartment may seem like a relatively simple matter, but the truth is quite the opposite. If the landlord wants to be sure of a steady income, much time and energy must be outlaid to achieve this. HERRYS real estate agency some time ago brought to the market a solution in the form of the Rent Management service. This streamlines the whole process for both parties involved, as the real estate agency covers the whole process from finding the tenant through to terminating the lease.

Last year alone, interest in this service increased by as much as 36%, indicating that professional management is becoming increasingly appealing to many clients and HERRYS real estate agency currently manages more than 200 properties in Bratislava. Over the course of the last few years, since the launch of the Rent Management service, there has emerged the type of client who takes advantage of this service most frequently and fully appreciates its benefits. As the brokers know their clients very well, they can offer them a special approach and tailor efficient offers.

Mostly we have busy people come to us, who, due to their work and lifestyle, do not always have the capacity, for example, to run and do showings with potential tenants. They appreciate the relief we provide for the more time-consuming tasks associated with renting the property, as well as a helping hand in addressing problems, the possibility of getting advice throughout the lease and overseeing the lease, drawing up amendments to extend the lease or covering its early termination,” described Martin Marsina from HERRYS real estate agency.

The great benefit comes in the form of searching for a tenant. Properties offered as part of the Rent Management service receive more attention within the real estate agency’s portals and greater marketing space, thus increasing the chances of finding a tenant quickly. It is a matter of course to check the tenant in the available registers on the Internet.


It doesn’t end with signing the agreement

Rent Management services go beyond just signing an agreement with a tenant. It is a matter of setting up a correct relationship between the landlord and the tenant resulting from the performance set out in the lease agreement. The real estate agency thus becomes a kind of liaison officer between the two sides, for better or worse. It oversees the timely payment of rent and handles cases where payment is not made on time. However, such situations are preceded by a system of monthly notifications, when the tenant receives information by e-mail or telephone about the approaching date of rent payment. HERRYS real estate agency will also send a notification to the landlord with a request to check the crediting of the payment on their account.

“The system of sending notifications has proven to be a success, with good responses coming from both tenants and landlords. We believe that it is much more effective to prevent problems than to solve them later, and this is just one of the tools. Over a long time, we have been building higher payment discipline among tenants,” adds Martin Marsina from HERRYS real estate agency.

The basis of good relations between the landlord and the tenant is undoubtedly a well-designed lease agreement, which puts both parties in a fair position. Within the Rent Management service, the legal department of the real estate agency covers the full legal service in order that all agreements be properly valid and in accordance with the latest regulations. Legal service and any advice associated with it is available to the client at all times throughout the provision of services.

The professionalism and experience of brokers come into play not only in legal terms, but also in the case of the necessary additional services such as assistance in moving, cleaning or even decorating. HERRYS brokers know exactly where and who to contact so that the services be provided promptly and thus again save the property owner’s time.