5th February 2021

The real estate agency HERRYS is represented by SKPR STRATEGIES

The real estate agency HERRYS is represented by SKPR STRATEGIES

Bratislava, February 3, 2021: The current economic situation has caused the real estate market to undergo fundamental changes and professional services related to sales and rentals are becoming a necessity. Therefore, current and future clients urgently need to have up-to-date information about what is happening on the market and quality advice. One of the largest real estate agencies in our market, HERRYS, therefore entrusts its communication to the SKPR STRATEGIES agency.

HERRYS Real Estate Agency, is one of the first fully licensed real estate agencies by the National Association of Real Estate Agents in our market, and all its agents successfully pass regular testing organized by the association. The office has been operating in and around the capital for ten years, during which time it has built three branches. In 2018, it expanded its scope and its brokers began to provide services in Prague as well. HERRYS carries out 800 real estate transactions per year and have experiences in sale of residential real estate and Herrys is also the exclusive seller of selected development projects.

"By establishing professional communication, we want to bring current topics, which resonating in the real estate market. The sale and rental of real estate going through fundamental changes and clients expects above-standard, non-traditional,but also, new and better solutions. As a real estate agency, that won several awards for its work, we also would like to be leaders in information and monitoring trends, "said Filip Žoldák, one of the founding partners of the real estate agency HERRYS.

In the years 2012 to 2015 and in 2019, the real estate agency HERRYS received the award for the best real estate agency in Slovakia with the CIJ Best Local Real Estate Agency award. In 2016 and 2017, the team of professionals was evaluated as the best sales team in Slovakia - Best Local Power Team of the Year. The SME Index portal selected HERRYS as the largest classic real estate agency of 2020 on our market.

 By cooperation with SKPR STRATEGIES, HERRYS wants to strength the communication in various areas related to the sale and rental of real estate in the residential market. The capital and its surroundings are dominated by projects that are still before starting of construction process, and clients make decisions only on the basis of published informations. They therefore need a partner, who has professional experience and history in the sale of residential projects and at the same time provides quality legal services. The pandemic has changed consumer behavior and despite the more difficult economic situation, clients are concluding new contracts.

"Today, a real estate agency is not only a seller of real estate or an iprovider of lease. Real estate agency is a comprehensive partner, who cares about consistent communication with the client. That is why we are very happy to be able to use our previous experiences, with working with the media and bring interesting topics and practical experiences of real professionals in the field of real estate in our market, "says Soňa Lexmanová, Managing Director of SKPR STRATEGIES.