31st March 2021

Safe, comfortable and long-term rental of vacant real estate will be provided by the rent management service

Safe, comfortable and long-term rental of vacant real estate will be provided by the rent management service
The number of vacant properties available for rent has increased in the last year. In addition to apartments for students or foreign tenants, real estate has also been added to the offer, which until recently was rented out for a short time in the form of the Airbnb service. More vacant apartments and houses for rent have increased the time needed to find a new tenant. This follows from the data of the real estate agency HERRYS, which is the largest classic real estate agency on our market with more than 800 transactions per year.
Property owners have several options for finding a suitable tenant. If they decide to find it themselves, they must undergo an inspection with each applicant and have a sufficient overview of the payments or requirements of the tenants during the entire rental period. "We must not forget the legal side of the lease, so that the contract that the owner concludes with the tenant is balanced for both parties. Equally important part of the lease is consulting in other areas, "says Martin Bečár, lawyer and founding partner of the real estate agency HERRYS.
In order not to make the lease a nightmare for the property owner, he/she can use the possibility of representation by a real estate agency in the process of finding tenants, from publishing the advertisement, through inspections with interested parties, to concluding a lease agreement and maintaining regular contact with the tenant. This is a rent management service, which was first brought to our real estate market by the real estate agency HERRYS. It was created in response to the wishes of landlords and is intended for every property owner who is interested in renting it. "With the service, we will create a long-term relationship between the real estate agency and the landlord, which will enable us to achieve greater occupancy in the long run. The result is a higher rental income and less worries about the relationship with the tenant, "explains Martin Bečár.
How the system works
The base is the exclusive cooperation between the property owner and the real estate agency HERRYS. Based on it, all responsibilities will pass to the real estate agent of the office, who is looking for a tenant, made a lease agreement with him, hands over the property to him and remains in regular contact with him throughout the rental relationship. If the agreed lease expires, the real estate agency will take over the property and hand it over to the new tenant.
By remaining in communication with the tenant throughout the lease, the agent can effectively find a new tenant before the lease with the original tenant is terminated. "Agent usually has a signed contract in advance and new tenant is ready to move in. We try to ensure the smooth occupancy of his property, "says Martin Bečár. If the property owner shows interest, he can be present at all actions. At the same time, the agent performs all actions only with the consent of the owner.
Problems for the landlord do not occur, even if the tenant terminates the tenancy early. The role of a real estate agency is not only to find the first tenant, but its aim is to be available throughout the lease as an intermediary and advisor. It may happen, that the tenant's life situation changes and he wants to terminate the lease prematurely. As part of the rent management service, the real estate agency is aware of this fact in advance, it will prepare the termination of the contract and the relevant documents. Importantly, however, before the end of the original lease, it tries to find a new tenant so that the property is continuously leased.
Within the concluded contract on rent management, the owner pays a fee for all services in the amount of one rent when signing the lease. If the tenancy lasts, for example, two or three years, then the landlord no longer pays another fee. On the another hand, if the tenant leaves within 6 months of signing the lease, the real estate agency is looking for a new tenant free of charge. In case, that tenant leaves in the interval from the seventh to the eleventh month after signing the contract, an aliquot discount is provided when arranging a new tenant.
Rent management services
Except of effective and continuous renting services or consulting services during the period of cooperation, communication passes to the real estate agent too. The real estate agency communicates with the tenant as well as with the owner during the entire lease period. The real estate agency's notification system draws attention to the control of realized and received payments connected with the lease. "If the landlord notifies us that the tenant is in arrears, the matter will be resolved immediately by a broker and, if necessary, a lawyer. This allows the landlord to achieve better payment discipline of tenants and thus higher rental income, "says Martin Bečár.