4th August 2021

A real estate agency with a culture of teamwork can provide clients with more accurate market information, better ideas and better care.

A real estate agency with a culture of teamwork can provide clients with more accurate market information, better ideas and better care.

Expectations of real estate clients are currently changing faster as ever before. Having just high-quality databases to generate demand and an agent on your phone is no longer enough today. Clients expect quality and objective market data, more flexible responses and full service. This can be provided by a real estate agency with a culture of teamwork. If the client has a team of specialists for sales, mortgages and marketing "under one roof", this will facilitate his decision-making and shorten the process of the entire real estate transaction.

RK Herrys' experiences speaks of several advantages of teamwork of brokers and other professionals who provide customer care from the beginning of the transaction to the end. One of the benefits that clients will appreciate, especially now in the summer, is mutual substitutability. Real estate agents in the team know each other's clients' agenda and share information on individual business cases. Everyone on the team is able to provide the client with the same full service. In a well-organized team, the client acquires 2-3 reliable agents for his business case without paying an extra commission.

"It's great that I can rely on my colleagues for 100%. For example, when I'm on vacation, colleagues take good care of the client, the whole process will not get complicated," says Miroslav Daněk, who has been working at RK Herrys for 6 years.

Professional databases are a matter of course for every real estate agency, but if the real estate agency agents work with them in a team and share contacts with each other, they multiply the possibilities of using data. This way they can respond to demand faster. In the case of sales, they can generate demand more efficiently. "For example, when I do not have the exact apartment for the client, I can offer him an apartment from my colleagues' portfolio. We often help each other in this way, thanks to which we rent and sell more apartments, than as if we worked individually," says real estate agent Jana Kováčová about her experience in the Herrys team and adds - "each agent has a circle of his current looking clients who would like to buy a certain type of apartment ."

Better information, more experience, market cultivation

Real estate agents consider the multiplication of information about real estate, locations and also the sharing of experience to be one of the main advantages of team cooperation."Whether it's when setting a price or it's an exchange of knowledge from a specific micro-location, respectively. block, or new construction, in the team we can provide the client with more accurate and verified information," confirms Martin Marušin. His colleague from RK Herrys, real estate agent Branislav Figer adds - "the client likes to listen to an objective and realistic view of the property, location and price analysis."

Agents consulting each other cases at regular, organized meetings of the team, at which they evaluate the development of the previous period and at the same time the development of current client demand. The real estate market is changing dynamically and constantly, and access to the right and up-to-date information and exchange of these informations is very important. Whenever real estate agent get an apartment for sale, they do an analysis of the location, visit the property in person and took a professional photo. Within the team, they consult together on the optimal price setting for the seller, consult on strategies and together they look for the most suitable solutions for their clients. Team transfer of experience supports their professional development. In addition, the client also learns who, in discussion with his brokers, acquires the knowledge and experience of the entire real estate team.

"Information exchange is a key in the real estate business. A broker who works in an environment where he collaborates on a daily basis and exchanges information with colleagues, gains the necessary experience faster, which he would gain significantly longer in individual work. The synergy brought by teamwork is clearly visible in the number of closed transactions of cooperating brokers," says Martin Marsina, associate partner of Herrys.

More specialists in the team = better service and more protection for the client

The sale and purchase of real estate are exceptional life transactions. Firstly because of their investment nature and also because decision-making takes place in the interaction of different needs and interests, while human emotions also play a role here. "In Herrys, client care is at the top and everyone naturally adheres to it. Together, we often look for solutions to unexpected situations and the real experiences of colleagues will create the best result in the finals," says Lucia Large, broker Herrys.

The brokers of this office devote 100% of their attention and time to the sale and rental of real estate and do not devote themselves to other work. RK Herrys selects people for the team carefully, the emphasis is on expertise.

The team cooperates with specialists from several professional areas, who accompany the client throughout the transaction and, thanks to many years of experience, are able to better protect him. It is a legal team that is on a daily basis and relieves the client and real estate agents of a complicated legislative agenda. Thanks to the experience from a large number of cases, our legal team can solve even the most complicated real estate cases. "Herrys's legal team is working fast. I often consult with them, so I can compare that while sometimes on the other hand it takes 5 days, I have an answer to the request from our legal within an hour. And sometimes it's even in minutes, "says Miroslav Daněk, Herrys.

A mortgage team is available to set up financing correctly, which will save the client a lot of time by checking the possibilities of several banks and recommending the best financing model.

People from the marketing team monitor events and changes in the market, customer behavior and identify new trends on a daily basis. They are constantly looking for new innovative ways to highlight the client's offer in the online environment.

If you are thinking about selling real estate or renting and you need advice or just want to find out the value of your property, the Herrys team is here for you.