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About project

We have been in Project III Veže from the very beginning. We know the project perfectly and since our branch has been located  here 10 years, we have an excellent overview of everything that is happening here. We have successfully sold the last properties in the project from the developers portfolio. In total, we have already completed more than 450 transactions related to renting or selling within this project. We are the exclusive real estate partner of many clients who have been contacting us for a long time when selling or long-term renting of their real estate in this project. Thanks to this we have the best knowladge of offers and demands, we can always respond flexibly to requests. Therefore, if you are considering the sale or rental of an apartement in the III Veže project, do not hesitate to contact us. We have created a long-term cooperation with clients, which is constantly growing despite the positive recommendations. We are available to you every working day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. with a short lunch break. However, if the eeting suits you at lunch time, call us, we will be happy to accommodate you.

For owners

Do you know the current value of your apartment in III Veže project? Is more valuable to you to sell or rent your property? Now you have the opportunity to find it out easily. Visit us at our HERRYS III Veže on the ground floor of the middle tower, and consult it with us. Together we will find out:

  • What is the current value of your property?
  • How much has the value of your property increase since its purchase?
  • Could your investment be better?
  • Is it better to sell or rent?
  • Could you earn more money and have less worries?

We can answer all these questions based on our experiences. We believe, that we will provide an useseful informations to you.

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For applicants

There is no property, which would interest you in the current offer? Are you looking for an apartment in the III Veže project?

Be sure to contact us. We will contact you immediately, after a new real estate offer appears in our II Veže projects portfolio. We believe, that we will be able to find a property, that meets your requirements.

Current offer
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Current offer in Troch Vežiach

HERRYS - Garage space for rent in building III TOWERs on Bajkalská street
Garages and parki...
60 € /month

Great location

Bajkalská, Bratislava-Ružinov

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Call us: +421 948 217 888